I have the largest selection of unregistered Pygmy and Nigerian Dwarf goats in the U.S.

     Pygmy goats are wonderful! They stay cute, eat weeds, forbs, and grass. The Pygmy goat is used for milk, meat, and as pets. It is the most versatile of the goat breeds. They can also be used for brush clearing.

    The Pygmy goat is hardy, alert and animated, good-natured and gregarious; a docile, responsive animal, a cooperative provider of milk, and an ecologically effective browser.

     The Pygmy goat is an asset in a wide variety of settings, and can adapt to virtually all climates.


My husband and I raise  unregistered  Pygmy goats as well as registered & unregistered Nigerian Dwarf goats. We specialize in variety in both size and color.   WE ARE LOCATED IN SEGUIN, TEXAS!  

 The male can either be left as a 'Billy' or be 'fixed' and made a wether which is what we recommend if you are interested in a pet. Goats are social animals and become lonesome by themselves. They need to 'buddy' up with other pygmy goats or some other animal. Please do not buy one if he will be alone.

**NOTE:  A Pygmy goat is generally smaller than a Nigerian Dwarf goat.  Pygmy goats only come in solid colors (white, black, caramel, and agouti) with black accents on legs and face, and down their back.  Nigerian Dwarf goats, on the other hand, can have blue-eyes, and be tri-colored and 'splashy' and can be very colorful.  Pygmy goats will give you 'tiny', while Nigerian Dwarf goats will give you 'colorful'.  I breed for tiny and colorful, hence, why I cross Pygmy with Nigerian Dwarf.  I do have full Pygmy and full Nigerian Dwarf goats as well.

There are several advantages if you purchase goats from me.  While at my place, I will answer any questions you may have on care and raising of your newest members of your family.  Goats seldom need to visit the vet, and most health issues can be handled with medications sold 'over the counter'.  Few medications are labeled 'for goats', hence the difficulty in knowing what products to buy, and how much to give because the information for using it on a goat is not on the label.   All weaned kids are wormed before they leave my property. 

Below the pygmy goats, you will find pictures of my working dogs.  All of my dogs are either CKC or AKC registered.  (All of my working dogs are sold.)


"Browning" & "Kel-tec" are the parents of a litter of  10 CKC puppies that 3/24/15.    The pups are $700.00 each and can be CKC registered.  Pups will be ready for pickup the same time as the above litter, May 7,th,8th, 9th.  Only one male is still available from this litter.  See current pictures of available male pups from this litter below the goats on this same page.

"Browning" -  She is CKC registered and was born 8/22/2011. SOLD These are "Brownings" 10 puppies.  One solid white male is available.  $700.00



We are closing our business this year, once all the nannies kid.  If you may be interested in buying the business, and the livestock still available, please contact me.  It will be sold for cash ONLY.  The sale would include all animals, plus supplies, wormers, domain name, web page, and software, along with my customer base and some consultation with the new buyer to help them learn all aspects of the business.


All of my breeding billies have been sold.  I still have about 40 more nannies to kid before I close.  If you are looking for good breeding nannies for your herd, I will have a wide range of nannies available for sale, once they kid.  I have full pygmy (unregistered), full nigerian dwarf (both registered & Unregistered), and mixed pygmy/nigerian dwarf kids.   I will close my business on or before Aug 31, 2015.

We are located in Seguin, TX.   Seguin is 40 miles due east of San Antonio, TX and 160 miles due west of Houston, TX on IH10. The Hill Country starts just north of us.

    Email Lauva Currier at TexasPygmy@gmail.com. Our telephone number is 830-379-0715. My cell phone is (830) 660-2050. 

Closed Sundays.       Please NOTE:  I do NOT ship animals.

(Note:  If you wish to pay by PayPal, there will be a 3 1/2% transaction fee added.)        

I am retiring this year.  Once my final 40 nannies kid in the next few months, I will be retired!  As each nanny kids, the kids will be for sale and the nannies will be for sale.  You may either buy the kids as bottle babies, or buy the nanny plus the kids and take both.  I currently have people waiting for more babies.  If you are interested in getting of my personal breeding nannies while I still have some, please let me know!.......our pastures look the best they have in years....and now I am retiring!!!



"Pepto II"

"Pepto II" is less than 16" tall at the shoulder.  He is a very, very, small, stocky pygmy billy. 

Tiny "Pepto II" - $350.00 (He is about 5 years old) SOLD




"Google II"

"Google II" is a  small, spotted Registered Nigerian Dwarf blue-eyed billy.

AGS #D-59562 Registered Nigerian Dwarf blue-eyed male born 11/15/2011 - SOLD



"Samson II"

"Samson II" is a Registered Nigerian Dwarf  .  He has blue eyes or 'glass' eyes. His babies are beautiful!!

AGS #D-59247 Registered Nigerian Dwarf blue-eyed male born 10/25/2011 - $400.00 SOLD



"Stud Muffin"

"Stud Muffin" has very colorful babies.

"Stud Muffin" is half Pygmy/half Nigerian Dwarf and has beautiful tri-colored kids!    SOLD



Bottle Babies!! 

Kidding time has started!!!

Kids must stay on the Mom for 3 days.  Kids can be purchased and taken after the kid has been on mom for the first 3 days and made into bottle babies.  Kids are only made into bottle babies with full payment.

AGS registered Nigerian Dwarf nanny w/tripletts!



This mom is a very small Nigerian Dwarf nanny. SOLD  The nanny is sold, but the kids are available.   This small, blue-eyed tri-colored female was born 4/8/15.  Her dad is "Samson".  $500.00 SOLD





This registered tri-colored male was born 4/8/15.  Samson is the dad.  $350.00 SOLD   This registered female was born 4/8/15.  Samson is the dad.  $425.00 Sold



This female was born 4/9/15.  Samson is her dad.  $325.00.  NOTE: Nan-5 ($225.00) is her mom below.  You may purchase her plus the kid and take them immediately.  BB-4 can be purchased as a bottle baby if you prefer. SOLD    

Kids Still on their Mom

These kids are too old to be made into bottle babies.  You can purchase both the kid and the mom and take them now, or purchase just the kid now and come and pick up the kid when they are weaned.


This female is currently on her mom below (Nan-1). This female will be ready for her new home  May 7th.  $325.00    


Breeding Nannies, Billies, & Wethers

I will be selling off all my nannies during the year.  Once a nanny kids, she will be for sale.  If the nanny still has a kid by her side you may buy both the nanny and kid, if you would like. (Price of the nanny PLUS the price of the kid.)





This 5 year old nanny currently has a female doeling on her.  Nanny ONLY  $250.00  Female kid ONLY is $325.00.  Pair is $575.00 This young nanny is about 17 months old.  $300.00 This small agouti female is a year old.  $325.00


Wether -1



This small wether (neutered male) is a year old.  $125.00 This wether (neutered male) is a year old.  $125.00 This nannyONLY  is  $225.00.  Her kid is already spoken for. 


 I am asked about 're-homing' of animals.  I will take back any goat that I sell.  If the goat is a female, she will stay with one of my herds.  If the goat is a male, I will try and find a home for him. I will do the same for other people's goats if they are Pygmy or Nigerian Dwarf goats (only).  You do have to bring me the goat. This is 're-homing' not a buy back.


Puppy Sales Agreement (click to view)


View pictures of "Bucket" here. ("Bucket" is a blue-eyed Nigerian Dwarf doeling that her owner wrote a published article about. To read the story click  Bucket's Story  (Samantha and Ryan, thanks for sending this link!)


 Click Here for Photos of Cute Kids & Puppies that have found New Homes!

 My Working Dogs    All of my adult dogs are SOLD

 All my dogs are unrelated to each other and are registered.  Below you will see some pictures of some of my  working dogs at our farm.

"Kel-tec" AKC/CKC male. Born 7/2/13.  SOLD

My dogs are 'farm' raised.    No 'puppy mill' here!!

"A.K."  - AKC female - SOLD  (Unlimited AKC registration) Born 3/31/13. She will be available for pickup May 8, 2015



"Playtime" when it's cooler weather!

"Glock" A.K.C. female SOLD

"Glock" AKC on left, and "Winchester" CKC on right


"Kel-tec" - AKC/CKC male. SOLD

"Savage" (left)SOLD

- "Uzi" (right) SOLD







"A.K." AKC registered female SOLD - $1,500.00. 


"Savage" (AKC/CKC) male.born 4/24/2012. SOLD


"Browning"  (CKC) -SOLD 

"A.K."  - AKC female -



"Kel-tec" AKC/CKC male. Born 7/2/13. 



"AK" & Savage are parents to 9 puppies born 3/20/15.

(Puppy pictures taken 4/9/15)  Puppies are sold from this litter.  Puppies started soft canned dog food today.  They love it!  The puppies were happily playing with each other until I introduced the dog food.  Then play time was over and it was time to be serious and not let the other litter mates  eat the food from their bowl!


All puppies from this litter are sold.



Pups can be AKC registered. LIMITED registration is $800.00. UNLIMITED registration is $1,000.00


The  4 pups numbered on the right are females.  All four of these pups are spoken for. 



"Browning" & "Kel-tec" litter born 3/24/15.  Pups can be CKC registered and are $700.00 each.

Puppy pictures taken 4/9/15  There are only 4 days difference between the two litters but you can see a big difference in their maturity.  Great Pyrenees pups change daily and you can almost sit there and watch them grow.  Started these puppies on soft dog food today as well.  They did not attack the dog food like the litter that is 4 days older.  Give these guys 4 more days and they too will be bottomless pits!

The girls are numbers 1-B, 2-B,3-B & 4-B (left)

(All girls from this litter are sold)

The boys are numbers 5-B, 6-B, 7-B, 8-B,9-B, & 10-B (right)

(Only white pup 9-B available)





"Our dogs at work."

                    "Come back and visit with us.  We'll be waiting for you!"



Thank you troops for your service to our country!! 

Thank you Lord for allowing us to live in the most wonderful nation on earth.  Praise the Lord!




(Flag Day 2010)

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