I have the largest selection of unregistered Pygmy and Nigerian Dwarf goats in the U.S.

     Pygmy goats are wonderful! They stay cute, eat weeds, forbs, and grass. The Pygmy goat is used for milk, meat, and as pets. It is the most versatile of the goat breeds. They can also be used for brush clearing.

    The Pygmy goat is hardy, alert and animated, good-natured and gregarious; a docile, responsive animal, a cooperative provider of milk, and an ecologically effective browser.

     The Pygmy goat is an asset in a wide variety of settings, and can adapt to virtually all climates.


My husband and I raise  unregistered  Pygmy goats as well as registered & unregistered Nigerian Dwarf goats. We specialize in variety in both size and color.   WE ARE LOCATED IN SEGUIN, TEXAS!  (NOTE:  We are considering retiring and will consider offers to purchase our business.  Since this is primarily an internet based business, the business PLUS the property can be purchased (in Texas), or the business ONLY sold and moved to your location. It would be a cash sale ONLY, so please only contact me if you are serious, as we will NOT  be financing.)

 The male can either be left as a 'Billy' or be 'fixed' and made a wether which is what we recommend if you are interested in a pet. Goats are social animals and become lonesome by themselves. They need to 'buddy' up with other pygmy goats or some other animal. Please do not buy one if he will be alone.

**NOTE:  A Pygmy goat is generally smaller than a Nigerian Dwarf goat.  Pygmy goats only come in solid colors (white, black, caramel, and agouti) with black accents on legs and face, and down their back.  Nigerian Dwarf goats, on the other hand, can have blue-eyes, and be tri-colored and 'splashy' and can be very colorful.  Pygmy goats will give you 'tiny', while Nigerian Dwarf goats will give you 'colorful'.  I breed for tiny and colorful, hence, why I cross Pygmy with Nigerian Dwarf.  I do have full Pygmy and full Nigerian Dwarf goats as well.

There are several advantages if you purchase goats from me.  While at my place, I will answer any questions you may have on care and raising of your newest members of your family.  Goats seldom need to visit the vet, and most health issues can be handled with medications sold 'over the counter'.  Few medications are labeled 'for goats', hence the difficulty in knowing what products to buy, and how much to give because the information for using it on a goat is not on the label.  Once you purchase goats from me, you are welcome to give me a call about medications or birthing for the life of the goat.  All kids are wormed before they leave my property.  I will also give any kid that I sell a home if your situation changes,  and you need to find your goats a new home.

Below the pygmy goats, you will find pictures of my working dogs.  All of my dogs are either CKC or AKC registered.  

Currently Litters on the Ground

"Remington" & "Browning" had 7 puppies April 3, 2014!! (Pictures  posted below) (Solid white female pup #6 is available from this litter.)


"Magnum" & "Savage" had 7 puppies April 14, 2014!

"Savage" & "Magnum" arethe parents of 7 CKC registerable pups  born  April 14, 2014. (Pictures posted below the goats.) Pups are $700.00 each (Male pup #2 is available from this litter.)


Possibly bred Females and upcoming litters in 2014.

"Savage" & "Uzi" should be the parents of CKC registerable pups to be born about       May 17, 2014  (Pups are $700.00 each)

(Currently taking deposits for upcoming litters.)



"Remington" still has some growing to do!  He won't be full grown until he is about 2 years of age. All of "Remington's" pups were solid white

AKC UNLIMITED Registered Male - 1 yr old working Great Pyrenees For Sale

"Remington" has just fathered his first litter of pups 4/3/14! (below).  Last year I  raised 4 unrelated, registered male pups with plans to keep 3 of the 4 males once they reached maturity.  My males are starting to fight with each other, so I need to sell one of the males to keep peace and harmony on our ranch.  "Remington" has no bad habits, has spent his entire life with goats/sheep, has fathered his first litter of pups, and will come with FULL AKC registration.  He was a year old 3/1/2014 and is current on all shots.   $1400.00. 

 We are located in Seguin, TX.   Seguin is 40 miles due east of San Antonio, TX and 160 miles due west of Houston, TX on IH10. The Hill Country starts just north of us.

    Email Lauva Currier at TexasPygmy@gmail.com. Our telephone number is 830-379-0715. My cell phone is (830) 660-2050. 

Closed Sundays.       Please NOTE:  I do NOT ship animals.

(Note:  If you wish to pay by PayPal, there will be a 3 1/2% transaction fee added.)        

Some of my Nannies

Here is a picture of some of my nannies. When this picture was taken, all my billies were on a different property so no males in this group.



Our Breeding Males for 2013-2014  

These are my breeding males. Far left is "Stud Muffin". Second from the left is "Samson",  registered blue-eyed Nigerian Dwarf billy. Third from the left is "Google", another blue-eyed registered Nigerian Dwarf billy.  "Pepto II" is the tiny full Pygmy billy on the right.  He is less than 16" tall at the shoulder!



"Pepto II"

If you have watched my web page, you are familiar with our tiniest breeding billy, "Pepto".  (16" tall at the shoulder)  In 2010, I started breeding to have a replacement for Pepto when he retired.  Unfortunately, Pepto unexpectedly died late 2010.  The blessing is that Pepto had already bred several of my tiniest nannies.  "Pepto II" is even smaller than his dad was!  (The picture below of     "Pepto II" was taken in 2013.  He looks just like his dad....but smaller!)


                                " Pepto II"                                                                                              "Pepto", the "dad" (picture taken 2010)




"Google" is a  small Registered Nigerian Dwarf blue-eyed billy.



"Samson II"

"Samson II" is a Registered Nigerian Dwarf  .  He has blue eyes or 'glass' eyes. His babies are beautiful!!



"Stud Muffin II"

"Stud Muffin" has very colorful babies.



Bottle Babies!!

These kids are currently on their mom's.  Kids that are less than a week of age can be made into bottle babies after payment has been received for them.  They take daytime bottles only (no night time feeding!) and will be off a bottle by 8 weeks of age and eating on their own.  Bottle babies are VERY tame and great for small children!




This female was born 4/8/14.  Her dad is "Stud Muffin".  $300.00 This male was born 4/8/14.  His dad is "PeptoII".  $150.00 This female was born 4/8/14.  Her dad is "Stud Muffin".  $275.00





This male was born 4/8/14.  His dad is "PeptoII".  $175.00 This small stocky female was born 4/10/14.  Her dad is "Pepto II". $300.00 This blue-eyed apricot female was born 4/10/14.  $325.00  His dad is "Google".





This blue-eyed tri-colored male was born 4/10/14.  His dad is "Google".  $225.00 This male was born 4/13/14.  His dad is "PeptoII".   His mom and dad are very small.  $200.00 This female was born 4/13/14.  Her dad is "PeptoII".   Her mom and dad are very small.  $300.00





This small registered blue-eyed Nigerian Dwarf female was born 4/12/14.  Her dad is "Google".(Her mom is the tiniest nanny that I have.  She is less than 16" at the shoulder)$425.00 This small registered blue-eyed Nigerian Dwarf female was born 4/13/14.  Her dad is "Google". $400.00 This small registered blue-eyed Nigerian Dwarf male was born 4/13/14.  Her dad is "Google". $325.00



This tri-color female was born 4/15/14.  Her dad is "Stud Muffin".  $300.00    

Kids Still on their Mom

These kids are too old to make bottle babies out of them.  They can be purchased now, left on their mom, and then you come and pick them up when they are between 7 and 8 weeks of age as a weaned kid.


This tri-color male was born 3/29/14.  His dad is "Stud Muffin".  $225.00    


Weaned Kids

These kids are eating grass and ready to go to their new home.




This blue-eyed female was born 2/25/14.  Her dad is "Google".  $300.00 This male was born 2/19/14.  His dad is "Google".  $150.00 This registered blue-eyed chocolate brown colored Nigerian Dwarf male was born 2/18/14.  His dad is "Samson".  $350.00






This male was born 2/28/14.  His dad is "Stud Muffin".  $150.00 This tri-colored blue-eyed male was born 2/21/14.   "Google" is the dad.  $250.00 This tri-colored blue-eyed female was born 2/20/14.  Her dad is "Google".  $350.00





 This registered Nigieran Dwarf male was born 10/5/13.  His dad is "Google". $250.00 (NOTE:  If you would like him without AGS registration papers, he is $150.00) This registered  blue-eyed Nigieran Dwarf male was born 10/5/13.  His dad is "Google". $325.00 (NOTE:  If you would like him without AGS registration papers, he is $225.00) This paint nigerian dwarf doeling is old enough to breed. (Not related to any male.) $300.00





This male was born 2/21/14.  His dad is "Google".  $150.00 This blue-eyed doeling has kidded once.  She is not related to any male that I have.  $350.00  


 I am asked about 're-homing' of animals.  I will take back any goat that I sell.  If the goat is a female, she will stay with one of my herds.  If the goat is a male, I will try and find a home for him. I will do the same for other people's goats if they are Pygmy or Nigerian Dwarf goats (only).  You do have to bring me the goat. This is 're-homing' not a buy back.


Puppy Sales Agreement (click to view)


View pictures of "Bucket" here. ("Bucket" is a blue-eyed Nigerian Dwarf doeling that her owner wrote a published article about. To read the story click  Bucket's Story  (Samantha and Ryan, thanks for sending this link!)


 Click Here for Photos of Cute Kids & Puppies that have found New Homes!

 My Working Dogs

I am currently raising several AKC and CKC registered Great Pyrenees puppies that I will be using for breeding in 2014. All my dogs are unrelated to each other and are registered.  Below you will see some pictures of some of my newest working dogs at our farm.

"Badger"(left), male & "Ruger Rose" (right), female

My dogs are 'farm' raised.    No 'puppy mill' here!!

"A.K."  - AKC female - 12 months old




"Benelli" CKC(left) & "Ruger Rose" AKC/CKC(right) - two females

 "Ruger Rose" our AKC & CKC registered Great Pyrenees female. "Winchester", CKC male.  Winchester is 12 months old in this picture.  His dad is "Badger".  


(left to right)"Glock", AKC female -7 months;"Winchester", CKC male - 12months; "Magnum" - CKC female - 13 months

"Savage"(AKC/CKC) male & "Uzi" (CKC) female


"Benelli" - CKC female


"Magnum", CKC female.  13 months old in this picture

"Remington" - AKC/CKC male - 12 months old in this picture. FOR  SALE $1400.00

"Ruger Rose" AKC/CKC female


"Remington" - male  AKC/CKC registered

"Uzi" CKC registered female

"Savage" (AKC/CKC) breeding male


"Browning"  (CKC)

"A.K."  female (AKC) - 12 months old

Our dogs are happy and free to roam!



"Magnum" & "Savage" puppies born 4/14/14.

 (Pups can be CKC registered)  Pups are $700.00 each

Three boys (#1, #2, #3) are on left. (Only Male pup #2 is available from this litter.)

Four girls (#4, #5, #6, & #7) are on right. (All girls are sold)



"Browning" & "Remington's" pups born 4/3/14!!

(puppy pictures taken 4/8/14.)  Female # 6 is available from this litter.


Puppies are growing!  You will note that their pink noses are already starting to turn black.  It will takes weeks for them to turn all black, but they are already starting.  They all lay in a pile to sleep and keep warm.......ohh to be a puppy again!!  :  )

(Note:  There is one pup with a light tan mark on her head, that is female pup #7.  That is the only pup that appears to have any markings on them.)


Four males in this litter (#1, #2, #3, & #4)

Three females in this litter (#5, #6, & #7) Female pup #6 is available from this litter.




Beretta & Badger's Pups

Benelli and Badger are the parents of 5 pups born 2/14/14.

(All pups from this litter have gone to their new homes.)

Males are on the left.


Females are on the right.

(All pups are sold)



Pups can  be CKC registered.




"Our dogs at work."

                    "Come back and visit with us.  We'll be waiting for you!"



Thank you troops for your service to our country!! 

Thank you Lord for allowing us to live in the most wonderful nation on earth.  Praise the Lord!




(Flag Day 2010)

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